photo-luminescent (PL) safety lighting

performance safety lighting solutions

Ecoglo® is a performance safety lighting solution designed for businesses and commercial residential buildings. It’s non-radioactive and gets it power by absorbing ambient light. The material doesn’t degrade—it maintains its ability to glow indefinitely.

Ecoglo commercial grade stair nosings, handrail strips and exit signs are designed to glow brightly in the dark. When the power goes out, Ecoglo shines strongly, enabling people to see where they are going. As long as it is exposed to light every 24 hours, Ecoglo always works—forever!

Ecoglo meets the toughest standards of durability, weather and UV resistance, cleaning and abrasion.  In the event of a blackout, photo-luminescent guidance is the safest, most effective way to ensure the visibility you need for safe evacuation.

The Eco-line

Stair strips & nosings

Handrail & wall strips


High traction stair strips & nosings that glow

Traction strips on indoor and outdoor stairs are a great safety feature. In some applications, you can’t do without them. But if you need high traction, why not add step edge contrast that’s always visible at the same time? Ecoglo stair strips are visible for several hours in the dark after being charged by overhead or natural lighting.

Ecoglo stair strips consist of industrial grade abrasive strips that can be slid into machined aluminum stair nosings. The nosings can be embedded in new concrete stairs, or fastened to virtually any kind of existing stair.


Handrails that glow

Whether you are a building owner or an employer, everyone’s safety is your concern—tenants, employees and visitors. Glowing handrails and stair nosings can help ensure safety in the case of a power outage or the failure of emergency lighting.


A better exit sign

exit sign ecoglowTraditional Exit signs are powered by 30-watt light bulbs. When the bulbs burn out, the signs are useless. In the case of a power outage, theses signs are typically powered by UPS battery backup. Backup batteries have to be replaced on a regular basis, as they slowly lose the ability to hold a charge.

Ecoglo Exit signs are photo-luminescent. Once exposed to light, the signs glow brightly for hours. Their power to glow remains the same indefinitely. As architectural signs, Ecoglo Exit signs are an aesthetic improvement over traditional Exit signs. Low profile, muted in appearance, they come in a variety of sizes and orientations. They only glow when a room grows dark. EcoGlo Exit signs are a particularly good solution for rental accommodation: replacing traditional Exit signs with EcoGlo signs means one less thing to have to worry about.

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