Workplace electric vehicle (EV) Charging station

Every year, we see more Priuses, Teslas, Volts, Bolts and other all-electric cars on the road

That trend towards electric vehicles is clear. For many companies, providing EV charging stations at work is a way to attract valuable employees.

EV charging in under 4 hours

Your average electric vehicle owner does 80% of their charging at home, overnight, with a Level 1 charger that plugs into an ordinary wall socket. This is the least expensive option, but it takes all night to charge a car.

Level 2 EV charging stations will typically recharge a 30 kWh battery (standard for most full electric cars) from empty in four to six hours—far less than a full workday.

Level 3 chargers, otherwise known as DC Fast Chargers, are the kind that Tesla has installed at its Supercharger locations. They can recharge an EV car in about 30 minutes. Not all electric vehicles are compatible with Level 3 chargers. They’re also rather expensive.

Level 2 EV chargers are what most employers opt for. In fact, we have never heard of any business choosing any other option. Level 2 charging stations give a full charge in half a workday, meaning that in almost every situation imaginable, no employee will be left with insufficient charge to make the trip home.

EV charger installation and service

We can supply your business with as many Level 2 chargers as you need, installed and tested. The cost depends on your unique situation: placement, location of power source, charging goals and number of units.

Beach 1 Electric is always happy to provide a guaranteed estimate at no cost. We stand behind our work 100%, so you will be 100% happy with your solution by the time we finish. We don’t have a red-light warranty—ours doesn’t expire when you can no longer see the taillights of the service truck!

We always service what we install according to manufacturers’ warranty specifications. Doing so keeps warranties valid and ensures that your EV charging stations work the way they are supposed to, day after day and year after year. Ask us about our EV charger service plans.

Installation incentive

There have been many EV incentive and rebate programs in Ontario, all of which are designed to help Ontario achieve its climate change goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the most recent (2018) was a Government of Ontario program that provides 80 percent of the capital costs of installing Level 2 chargers—up to $7,500 per charging space. That’s huge!

At time of writing, however, funding had been exhausted. Search Ontario Electric Vehicle Charging Incentives for any new updates.

To find out more about EV Charging for your business, please contact us.